About Reddit Suggestions

What is Reddit Suggestions?

Reddit Suggestions is a comprehensive product and service review site. We believe that a lot of the reviews you’ll find on the Internet today are of limited use. Many reviewers are paid marketing agents for companies, and often don’t have the expertise or experience in the products or services they review to provide real value to consumers. Even professional reviews have limitations. Companies send pristine versions of their product or grant special access to their services, meaning you rarely get an unbiased and honest review that reflects what you, as a consumer, can expect.

Companies like Yelp and Amazon have prospered in the modern digital age, thanks in large part to the fact that they allow consumers to share their own feedback and experiences. This democratizes the review process, and lets people consider the good alongside the bad, to make a more informed purchasing decision. It’s our belief that this helps empower consumers, and forms the foundation of what we’ve developed on our site.

What is Reddit Suggestions all about?

Rather than purchase-based reviews, which can have their own biases and flaws, we’ve drawn on the expertise and knowledge of the millions of users of Reddit, one of the most popular forum-style sites online today. With sub-Reddits (discussion forums) for almost every conceivable topic, Reddit provides a plethora of commentary, reviews, and feedback on pretty much everything. Because of the way the site works, however, it’s not always easy to get at the information and details you need. That’s where Reddit Suggestions comes in.

What are Reddit Suggestions reviews?

We think you have better things to do than to mine through millions of comments and discussion threads on Reddit, so we’ve done the work for you! We’ve gone out and compiled detailed reviews on a number of products and services, using feedback, comments, and input from the Reddit community as the basis for our reviews. In addition to providing background information on a product or service, as well as a buying or features guide, we’ve compiled the latest information from the manufacturers on those products or services. We highlight the good and the bad in each category, with simple pros and cons lists that you can easily reference.

Then, we go the distance, backing up the points made in the reviews with the actual Reddit comments, feedback, and information that helped shape those reviews. We also provide links to helpful sub-Reddits that are relevant to the topic, in case our reviews aren’t enough for you and you want to go do some more digging and research on your own.

In each category that we review, we pick one Redditor’s Choice award winner – basically, the most well-reviewed, frequently-cited example of the best of the best in that category. We aim to give you 8-10 or more options in each category we review, covering different budgets, styles, preferences, and features. While we do dive in depth on each topic, we aim to keep the reviews relatively short and straightforward – a few paragraphs, technical specs, and pros and cons – so that you can use our reviews to get the answers you need, and make an informed buying decision.

How do I know your reviews are unbiased?

All of our reviews are based on the actual specs of the products, and the feedback, comments, and information provided on Reddit by actual people. We have no direct ties to any of the manufacturers or service providers featured in our reviews. As discussed on our Affiliate Disclosure page, we may earn a commission on purchases made through the links on our site. However, we have complete editorial independence in our reviews, do not receive or accept samples, freebie, or “trial” versions of products or services to influence our reviews and awards. We base all our reviews and conclusions on the information found on Reddit and highlighted in our reviews themselves – everything is there for you to see yourself.

Are you affiliated with Reddit?

We have no formal affiliation with Reddit. We’re just users and fans, who have found the site to be an extremely useful way to “crowdsource” reviews and information. Reddit is awesome, but it is not always easy to get at the information you want – or even to know where to look. The search feature will only take you so far, and even if you’ve identified a promising sub-Reddit for a topic you’re interested in, there’s no guarantee you’ll find good information there. We simply wanted to create something like an index for the product and service information you can find on Reddit, to use that as the basis for reviews. We think it’s a superior way to offer consumers product and service reviews, providing a “shortcut” or cheat sheet to the good, expert information you can find on Reddit, to help with your buying decisions.

What categories of products and services do you review?

We review all kinds of products and services. Our list is ever-evolving, based on market trends and what we ourselves find interesting and worthwhile. We aim to continue to update and expand our list of product and service categories, and the reviews contained in each. As time passes, we’ll likely update existing reviews, with new models, details, information, and Reddit comments. If we haven’t reviewed your favorite or ideal category yet, don’t worry, we likely will soon. Even better, drop us a line and make a suggestion – we’re always eager to hear from our readers!

Disclaimer: Reddit Suggestions is in no way affiliated with Reddit or Reddit, Inc. The Reddit Snoo logo, site name, and other brand assets remain the trademarks and service marks of Reddit, Inc. Their use is not meant to denote endorsement or affiliation with Reddit Suggestions.